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Accessible Tourism

Taking care of the quality of life of blind and partially sighted people, Tiflotehna d.o.o. manages an education and rehabilitation camp for the visually impaired that is in the ownership of the Croatian Blind Union.

ERKS Premantura – General Information

Taking care of the quality of life of blind and partially sighted people, Tiflotehna d.o.o. manages an education and rehabilitation camp for the visually impaired that is in the ownership of the Croatian Blind Union. This 3*** hospitality facility offers visually impaired, their family members and assistants an opportunity to enjoy a carefree vacation and rest.

The ERKS Premantura is located in Istria, in the municipality of Premantura, which is 12 kilometres from Pula and near which is the southernmost point of the Istrian peninsula – a nature park Cape Kamenjak. The proximity of the city of Pula, which is rich in numerous historical sights, e.g. the Pula Arena, and cultural events like Pula Film Festival, ensures good traffic connections and easy arrival by bus, train or plane.

The staff of the hostel is happy to meet and support blind and partially sighted people, therefore it is possible to arrange transportation from the train station or airport in Pula to the resort in Premantura at a reasonable price.

As part of the educational-rehabilitation camp, there are the following accessible facilities: a park with benches and tables and a playground for children, a restaurant and a coffee bar with both external and internal terrace. In addition, just a 10-minute walk from the hostel there is a well-maintained and accessible beach for people with disabilities.

Hostel “ERKS Premantura” in Detail

The hostel is of an open type and contains 26 rooms, all of which are equipped with air conditioning, a private bathroom and a terrace. There are one four-bed room, one three-bed room, and 12 double rooms with an extra bed and 12 double rooms.

Inside the building, on the floor, walls and glass walls, there are tactile surfaces, guidelines and markings for the blind and partially sighted, which enable better orientation and independent movement. Tactile evacuation plans are placed in every room and corridor, and all rooms are marked with enlarged black print and braille.

The hostel is also suitable for people in wheelchairs. The ground floor of the hostel has been adapted in such a way that all accesses to the entrance, reception, terrace, restaurant and rooms are lowered. In addition, one room on the ground floor has a bathroom adapted for people with motor disabilities.

In the drawer of each desk, guests can find house rules printed in Croatian Braille. Moreover, nameplates on the doors as well as key rings are an example of universal design, containing inscriptions in both Braille and standard print.

The hostel building also contains a conference hall suitable for holding presentations or workshops. The hostel has a Wi-Fi available.

In the period from 2019 to 2021, an energy renovation project was carried out in the Hostel, during which the renovation of the thermal building, modernization of the building’s internal and external lighting, installation of solar thermal collectors for the preparation of DHW and modernization of the heating and cooling system were carried out.

The hostel also has its own parking lot, so guests who come on vacation by car are free from the worry of finding a parking space.

In the restaurant for lunch and dinner, the guests can choose between two menus every day, and we are especially proud of the ratio of price, quantity and quality of the food we serve.

The restaurant and coffee bar staff are familiar with and educated in the field of communication when serving blind and partially sighted people, so our guests absolutely do not have to worry about possible inconveniences.

The restaurant can accommodate a maximum of 70 guests with additional capacity. The terrace of the cafe bar has a view of the park full of greenery, and due to the movable roof, it can be uncovered or covered if necessary.


The “Munte” beach

Just a few minutes’ walk from the hostel, there is a beach that is fully adapted for blind people.

The entrance to the beach is lowered, which allows access for people in wheelchairs. The beach is flat and paved in order to enable blind and partially sighted people to move as independently as possible, and it contains tactile guidelines that are directed towards the stairs and the entrance to the sea. If you are a blind person and come unaccompanied, upon arrival at the beach you can freely contact the beach guard who will help you find a free spot for a deckchair or towel.

The beach guard also takes care of your safety during your stay on the beach or in the sea, a buoy barrier borders the swimming area, so you cannot wander off or swim too far.


Additional facilities for visually impaired people

In our resort, we offer the possibility of renting tandem bikes, in order to enable blind people to get additional recreation and exploration of Premantura in a dynamic and active way with a sighted escort.

You can also find recreation and fun with us in playing talking darts, sets of board games such as chess, Man, do not be angry, Alias, and numerous other board games adapted for blind and partially sighted people.

The reservation of the entire hostel is possible in which case the capacity is 70 people placed in triple rooms, or 55 persons placed in double rooms.


Price list for the blind and partially sighted

Half board: 60 EUR

Full board: EUR 65.00

Half board consists of breakfast and dinner, while full board includes breakfast, lunch and dinner.

You can make reservations by calling the number: +38598717188 or by email at tiflotehna@tiflotehna.hr

You can make reservations by paying 30% of the total price of the accommodation for the desired period. If the reservation is cancelled after payment, the amount paid cannot be returned, unless in an extraordinary case. Bad weather conditions are not a valid reason to cancel a reservation.

Price of accommodation for children:

– Up to 3 years: free

– From 3 to 7 years: 50percentage lower price

– From 7 to 11 years: 20percentage lower price

Payment information

You can make payments by cash, card, money order or Internet banking. In the case of payment by card, the stated prices are increased for card transaction costs. Payment in instalments is possible with PBZ banka and Zagrebačka banka cards. Repayment in instalments must be completed by the end of the current year.

If you pay by bank transfer or internet banking, please use the following payment information:

Payer: first and last name of the person for whom the stay is paid

Purpose of payment: Vacation in Premantura

Giro account number: 2340009-1110470644

IBAN: HR5623400091110470644

For payments from abroad


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